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At Northview Dental Associates in Northfield, IL, our primary concern is the dental health of our patients. We are proud to provide the finest health care in a congenial, comfortable and professional atmosphere. Dr. Beuttell and his trained support staff work diligently to make sure that each and every visit to our office is a pleasant and successful one.

It is our goal to educate our patients so they can play an active role in preventing their own dental disease and to provide quality treatment to correct existing problems. We hope the information provided here answers questions concerning our services and philosophy.

Our Committment To You

We are committed to meeting every patient's individual needs to create aesthetically pleasing, optimal dental health. We do this in an enthusiastic, empathetic, friendly and professional manner. Working as an integrated team, we use modern procedures, research, continuing education and equipment to deliver this care in a relaxed environment.

We spend thoughtful time to ensure that our patients fully understand their dental needs and to ensure that we exceed expectations. We give every patient the extra effort needed to make them comfortable and to anticipate their needs and to treat them as gently, effectively and smoothly as possible.

Patients may reach Dr. Beuttell by telephone—any time, any day—at 847-446-9250.

Services We Provide

Emergency Care
Cleanings & Exams
State-of-the-art Digital X-rays
Touchless Drilling
Aesthetic Dentistry
Single-Visit All-Ceramic Inlays, Crowns & Veneers
Full Mouth Reconstruction—Metal-Free
Implant-Supported Restorations
Tooth Whitening—In-Office Or At Home
TMJ Treatment
Removable Partials & Dentures

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1779 Willow Road, Northfield, Illinois (right off the Edens Expressway)

A State-Of-The-Art Clinical Practice

We adhere to the highest standards set by the Center For Disease Control and the guidelines set by the Occupational Safety And Health Administration. We all have taken hours of continuing education to ensure our compliance and your safety. We use steam autoclaves to sterilize our instruments. We also use
many disposable items and barrier devices that are changed after every patient to ensure your safety.

Our dental units are state-of-the-art. The uncluttered surfaces are wiped down with a disinfectant after each patient. The separate water supply that is integral to each unit allows us to drain the system on a daily basis and to flush the dental unit with antibacterial agents. This eliminates the possibility of contaminated dental water lines.

You are welcome to inspect our sterilization area, techniques and procedures.
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"I just wanted each of you to know how much I appreciated your genuine caring—your taking the time to 'lend me an ear'—your gentle touch. The support felt so good to me." - Nan E.
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"All your effort in perfecting my troublesome tooth is very much appreciated. I have always had respect for professionals in the health care field, but your taking care of this problem in the manner you did demonstrated more integrity than is universally present in doctor-patient relationships. It is one thing to be the best of dentists, with the most high-tech equipment, but it is quite another to be as totally fair as you have been with your patient when it comes to the responsibility for assuming the cost of making a necessary correction." - Ken N.
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"Thanks for the skill, knowledge and compassion you provide your patients every day. The bridge looks great." - Ken W.
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"Your generosity to both of us over the years has been greatly appreciated. Your skills as a dentist have been outstanding, far above any dentists we have had over the years. Thank you for everything you do for us." - Judy & Barbara B.
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"To say you are a gentleman and fine professional is to state the obvious. Your many acts of kindness are proof of a caring heart and upright nature." - Cynthia M.
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"Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your care and concern for Alexis when she had her teeth knocked loose during a soccer game. I appreciate everyone’s sacrifice in staying the 'extra time'." - Becky L.
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"I’ve been thinking lately about all the things I have been thankful for, and at the top of the list is you, Dr. Beuttell, Joan, and your wonderful staff. I didn’t realize just how much your gift of a new smile would affect me. I’ve been astonished at the changes in my feelings about smiling. Now I grin at the least excuse." - Karen M.
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