Cerec® System

This CAD-CAM restorative system allows us to fabricate
extraordinarily beautiful, very conservative all-ceramic natural, tooth-colored restorations in just one visit! The versatility of the system allows us to do inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers. Because these restorations are bonded into the tooth, they are very strong and actually strengthen the tooth.

The procedure eliminates the need for messy, time consuming impressions. Once the tooth/teeth have been prepared, a picture is taken, the restoration is designed on a computer monitor, and the restoration is milled from a block or ceramic material in anywhere from five to thirteen minutes!

There are two types of material that we use for your restorations. On the front teeth, we use feldspathic porcelain because of its translucency. It allows us to essentially reproduce the natural enamel on the teeth to give incomparable aesthetics. For the back teeth, we use lithium disilicate. This material also offers the natural translucency of enamel while providing incredible strength. It is the strongest, non-opaque ceramic material available for dental restorations.

With the Cerec System, we can restore teeth that in some cases would otherwise be unrestorable or require root canal therapy to fix.

The Cerec System is the original in office restorative system, having come to the US in December of 1989. Dr Beuttell started using the system in 1990 and was the 18th practice in the United States to use it.

Dr. Beuttell taught hundreds of dentists how to use the system from 1994 to 2007, and has written three manuals on how to use the system.